Terms & Conditions


  1. Agency Agreement:
    The agreement made between NPSA (‘NPSA’ as defined below) and the Vendor (‘Vendor’ as defined below) in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale when using this website.
  2. Auctioneer:
    See definition of ‘NPSA’.
  3. Bidder:
    Persons bidding on auctions on this site.
  4. Class Specific Rights:
    The rights relating to numeric plates, a specific class of plate, which can be transferred from a vendor to a purchaser.
  5. Last Minute Bid:
    In the event a Bidder submits a bid during the last 60 (sixty) seconds of any NPSA auction, NPSA reserves the right to extend the auction length by any timeframe in its full discretion.
  6. Lot or Lots:
    An individual number plate or group of number plates, offered for sale at auction as a single unit.
  7. NPSA:
    Numeric Plates SA Pty Ltd, the Australian Proprietary Company with Australian Company Number 670 309 323; the owner of the domain numericplatessa.com.au. NPSA The agent, person or entity with carriage of the process of auctioning of a Lot. NPSA.
  8. NPSA as the Auctioneer reserves the right at any time to appoint an agent, or to act as an Agent in respect to transfer of any rights as necessary from Vendor to Purchaser, or to act as Auctioneer in relation to the sale of any Lot.
  9. Opening Bid:
    The initial bid value for a specific Lot or in other words, the ‘Reserve Price’ with respect to a Lot.
  10. Purchaser:
    The buyer/purchaser of any plates as facilitated by NPSA on this website/domain.
  11. Purchaser’s Premium:
    A premium of 7% plus GST is applicable and added to the purchase price of any Lot, payable to NPSA upon payment of the Purchase Price.
  12. Numeric Plates:
    Numeric vehicle registration plates.
  13. Registration Process:
    Bidders MUST register with NPSA to place a bid with respect to any Lot. Registration as a Bidder requires provision of Bidder’s name, address, and production of satisfactory evidence of the bidder’s identity and proof of age as being over 18 years of age via the online registration system.
  14. Transfer Agent:
    NPSA (see definition of ‘NPSA’) acting as the agent with agency rights with carriage of the transfer of Class Specific Rights (‘Class Specific Rights’ as defined at 1.d.) pursuant to Agency Agreement (‘Agency Agreement’ as defined at 1.a.).
  15. Vendor:
    The owner of any numeric plate sold on this site and the existing owner of the Class Specific Rights (see previous reference under ‘Definitions’) of any numeric plate included in a lot for sale in an auction or private sale on this site as facilitated by NPSA (see previous reference under ‘Definitions’).
  16. Winning Bid:
    The highest bid at the fall of the hammer/end of the auction as set by time specified at the commencement of the auction, notwithstanding the re-setting of the auction length in the event of a last-minute bid. The Winning Bid may be referred to as the Purchase Price.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. All Bidders, Purchasers, and any visitors to this site agree to all the terms and conditions of this website, as outlined herein.
  2. Auctions of Numeric Plates on this site shall be offered by online auction occurring over a period of time as specified by NPSA prior to the opening bid of each auction, notwithstanding any additional time added at the discretion of NPSA in the event of a Last Minute Bid (see previous reference under ‘Definitions’).
  3. Unless otherwise indicated, all Lots in the auction are offered subject to a reserve price, which is the confidential minimum price below in which the Lot will not be sold. The reserve price will not exceed the ‘low’ estimate of the estimated range of the particular Lot.
  4. Bids will be accepted only from Bidders who have registered with NPSA in accordance with NPSA’s auction registration procedures pursuant to the Registration Process (see previous definition under ‘Definitions’).
  5. The auction platform is provided by third party ‘Auction Mobility’, a specialist auction platform provider. The Vendor takes no responsibility for any acts, errors or omissions of Auction Mobility.
  6. All Bidders and Purchasers agree to a premium of 7% plus GST of the purchase Winning Bid (see previous reference under ‘Definitions’).

Auction Terms and Conditions

  1. Bidders must register via the NPSA Registration Process, in order to be provided entry to any auction online, prior to any auction. This also applies to re-entry of any auction which may require registration in addition to registration at first entry to the auction.
  2. In order to bid, prospective Bidders will be required to provide their full name, address, phone number and credit/debit card details for verification to ensure transparency.
  3. The Bidder to place the highest bid within the timeframe of each auction as set by NPSA is the highest bidder and therefore deemed to be the Purchaser at the time the auction closes. This will not apply in the event where a reserve price exists for a lot and no bid exceeds that reserve price. In this case, there is no Purchaser regardless of the highest bid.
  4. A Purchaser’s Premium exists of 7% plus GST is applicable to the sale of each Lot meeting the Opening Bid or reserve price. This amount is applicable to the final Purchase Price or final bid submitted by the Bidder with respect to a Lot. The Purchaser’s Premium is payable to NPSA or the Transfer Agent. This percentage is calculated on the final bid made by Bidders with respect to each Lot, and will be charged to the Purchaser in addition to the Purchase Price.
  5. Purchase Prices and Purchaser’s Premium must be paid for by the Purchaser within seven (7) calendar days of the close of the auction in the manner specified by NPSA with respect to each Lot.
  6. NPSA and the Auctioneer reserve the right at any time to refuse to accept the bid of any Bidder, or cancel the bidding of any Bidder with respect to any auction.
  7. NPSA and the Auctioneer reserve the right at any time to refuse to accept payment and cancel the Purchaser status of any Purchaser, in the event NPSA or the Auctioneer believe a breach of any of any terms and conditions of this site or the terms and conditions of the auction platform has occurred.
  8. The Auctioneer may bid on behalf of the Vendor up to the Reserve Price if relevant, and as such the Auctioneer may withdraw any Lot from sale. The auctioneer can advance the bidding at their discretion with no notice required to be given to other Bidders.
  9. NPSA reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any suspected fraudulent bidding in their full discretion, with no liability attributable to NPSA, the Auctioneer, their Agent or their employee as a result of this discretion to act with caution, which is in the best interests of all Bidders.
  10. Deposit required by Purchaser:
    At the fall of the hammer with respect to an Auction, the Purchaser will be required to pay a deposit of $500.00, or 10% of the final winning bid price whichever is higher, in cash or Electronic Funds Transfer (‘EFT’) at the full discretion of NPSA. In the event any Registered Bidder, or Purchaser, fails to comply with any or all of the terms and conditions of this site, with respect to the Lot or Lots in respect of which such failure is made may, if necessary and at the full discretion of NPSA, the Lot may be resold. NPSA further reserves their rights to not accept any further bids from any Purchaser at any time during an auction in relation to which a Registered Bidder, Bidder, or Purchaser, or any time in future with respect to any auction upon this site or any affiliate sites. If upon resale of a Lot or a Plate in relation to which that item was previously sold and where the Purchaser previously defaulted or failed to comply with any terms of this website or conditions of sale, and a lower price is obtained for the same plates, the Purchaser accepts that they forfeit the difference between Purchase Price offered by them upon which they defaulted and the final Purchase Price by a new Purchaser, and therefore the defaulting Purchaser agrees to pay that difference to the NPSA.
  11. In the event a Purchaser has paid a deposit and they no longer wish to fulfil their obligations to make payment with respect to the Lot purchased, the Purchaser agrees to forfeit any reasonable costs associated with the re-listing of the Lot and sale to a new Purchaser. This may include the difference in price where a lot sells for a smaller amount than that Purchased by the Purchaser in question, in which case the Purchaser agrees to forfeit the difference in price as a reasonable cost associated with the sale of the Lot.
  12. In the event a Purchaser defaults and wishes to not fulfil their obligations to make payment for the Lot in question, the Purchaser also agrees to wait until the Lot has been re-sold before seeking any refund or return of a deposit. Such reasonable costs associated with failure to fulfil the obligations of Purchasers on this site, may include but are not limited to: Postage costs, profit from a lost sale, losses suffered by NPSA or the Auctioneer or Auction Mobility or an agent or employee of NPSA as a result of the default of a Purchaser or their failure to fulfil their obligations as a Purchaser.
  13. Faults or errors in descriptions or marketing of specific Lots:
    All Lots are sold as they are pictured and any error in the description as provided by NPSA will not be invalidated by any such error, incorrect description or depiction in any catalogue, photograph, description (either written or verbal) the Lots by reason of any of the Lots being incorrectly described or depicted in the catalogue or elsewhere or missing parts or quantities. It is a condition of sale that neither the NPSA, the Auctioneer nor their agents or employees shall be required to compensate any party as a result of any such errors of description, parts or quantities, or the Vendor being unable to complete what the Purchaser asserts is a full and complete sale.
  14. Lots Purchased at Purchaser’s Own Risk:
    Each lot shall be the Purchaser’s risk from the time of the Opening Bid. The Purchaser agrees to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) unless prior arrangements have been made between NPSA and the Bidder or Purchaser, at the discretion of NPSA.
  15. Title to any plate shall not pass to the Purchaser from the Vendor until all relevant payments have cleared and funds have been fully transferred to the NPSA’s specified bank account, and any Government or associated vehicle registration fees have been paid in full.
  16. No allowances or refunds will be made:
    The Purchaser will not be entitled to refuse their obligations as Purchaser at the Purchase Price upon the basis of a plate advertised anywhere other than on the NPSA auction site and auction information itself. If there is any discrepancy between the purchase price in the NPSA advertisement and the auction information itself, the auction information will prevail.
  17. No warranty that plates are fit for any purpose:
    No warranty is provided by NPSA with respect to the fitness for purpose of any plate or Lot. No warranty is provided and any warranty for fitness for purpose falls to the Vendor or the Purchaser in accordance with a Vendor’s obligation to provide correct information to NPSA, and likewise the Purchaser accepts responsibility for ensuring any expectations they have regarding the fitness for purpose is the responsibility of the Purchaser. NPSA do verify a particular lot has “Class Specific Rights” and has been appointed by the vendor to offer same to the market. Any party may at any time check the DIT EzyPlates website to check availability and that a certain plate has Class Specific Rights (https://ezyplates.sa.gov.au/plate-styles/numeric-number-plates).
  18. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this website and as such the terms and conditions of sale via this website:
    If the Purchaser fails to comply with any terms herein, the Purchaser hereby indemnifies the Vendor by forfeiting any or all funds deposited by the Purchaser. The Purchaser further agrees to forfeit any funds paid to the Vendor in order to offset any related expenses or losses incurred by the Vendor with respect to the failure of the Purchaser to comply with said terms. Any forfeited deposits/funds transferred to the Vendor, may be utilised by the Vendor for the purposes of reselling any item, items, or lots to a different or new Purchaser, and as such, the Vendor is indemnified by the Purchaser in order to allow the Vendor to offset any losses incurred by them as a result of any failure by the Purchaser or a Bidder who becomes a Purchaser.
  19. NPSA offers no warranty as to length of Purchase Price.
    The Vendor and the Purchaser hereby indemnify NPSA for the costs or interest associated with a longer than expected settlement process which is no fault of NPSA.
  20. Payment terms.
    Purchasers agree to payment terms being Direct Bank Transfer, cash (not exceeding $10,000 AUD) within seven (7) days of the close of the auction in question.  If wishing to pay more than $10,000 AUD, this must be deposited directly into a NAB branch and a bank receipt supplied. Please note that credit card payments will not be accepted.
  21. Transfer of rights:
    NPSA will facilitate the transfer of rights between the Vendor and the Purchaser, according to the conditions for numeric plates as set out by the South Australian government, see this link for these conditions: https://ezyplates.sa.gov.au/plate-styles/numeric-number-plates
  22. Allocation of plates to vehicles:
    Numeric Number Plates are allocated by the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport and in particular, their Service SA offices. If a Purchaser wishes to obtain the relevant Class Specific Rights for a plate purchased through NPSA, NPSA will provide you with a form to fill and submit to have those rights transferred to the Purchaser. NPSA will as Agent for the Purchaser and assist the Purchaser to have Class Specific Rights to be transferred to the Purchaser. You will be asked to fill a form to be submitted to the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport Service SA department, and if that form is accepted and approved, the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport will allow the Class Specific Rights for any relevant plates to be transferred to the Purchaser.
  23. Bidders and Purchasers agree to indemnify NPSA and in particular that NPSA is not expected to verify or validate any information provided to NPSA for the purpose of Class Specific Rights.
    Bidders and Purchasers agree that they have availed themselves of all relevant information regarding Class Specific Rights prior to purchase. In addition, NPSA is not expected to verify, validate or correct any errors provided to NPSA by a Bidder or Purchaser. As such, Bidders and Purchasers warrant that information provided for the purposes of obtaining Class Specific Rights through the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport NPSA that the information they provide is true and correct and free of errors and therefore NPSA makes no warranties as to the likelihood of success with respect to any such application for Class Specific Rights.
  24. Number plate agreements:
    Purchasers agree when they Purchase a plate through NPSA that they will familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions (as outlined here: https://ezyplates.sa.gov.au/plate-styles/numeric-number-plates) with respect to a Number Plate which has “Class Specific Rights” and the agreements required as detailed by South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport, prior to Purchase of any plate through NPSA.

Numeric Plates are white numbers on a black background, metallic and embossed per the following size specifications:

Numeric plate sizes – South Australia

Up to 3 digits 4 digits 5 to 6 digits Motorbike: 1 to 5 digits
190 mm x 134 mm 315 mm x 13 4mm 371 mm x 134 mm 215 mm x 95 mm
315 mm x 134 mm 371 mm x 134 mm
371 mm x 134 mm
same front and rear


  1. Lots may be added or withdrawn at the discretion of NPSA without explanation.
  2. NPSA is independent and impartial and obtains no financial benefit from the use of Auction Mobility and their auction platform.
  3. Special number plate information: Numeric Plates are those plates as defined by the Regulations.
  4. Parties may confirm requirements by contacting the Department for Infrastructure and Transport on 131 084 or going visiting the following website: https://www.ezyplates.sa.gov.au/.
  5. It is up to each potential Purchaser to inform themselves of any Government numeric plate rules, regulations and procedures, and to pay any and all relevant transfer or other fees as required.
  6. A standard 10% transfer fee on the plate sale price is payable by the Purchaser to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.
  7. Numeric plates sold by NPSA may be held in storage at SA Government Service SA offices, and as such the delivery of plates in the case of any plates in such storage will be contingent upon the plates being registered to a particular vehicle.

Data Collection Policy of this Website

  1. This site collects the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Content of ‘Message Field’ on contact form
  2. For those registering to bid, data collected is as follows:
    • Australian drivers licence for verification and authentication
    • credit/debit card to process the buyers premium of the successful bidder