Why Us

Why Us

Numeric Plates SA offers a very limited and exclusive boutique selection of Numeric Plates at any one time, meaning we are not here to ‘flood’ the market, and translating to higher buyer demand – less is more.

We offer Numeric Plates with ‘market correct’ reserves providing the buyer confidence and assurance the purchase is reflective of market value. 

At Numeric Plates SA, we’re a small professional team guided by recent comparable sales, current market trends and both buyer and seller feedback resulting in successful and timely outcomes for all parties involved, and providing outstanding customer service.

Numeric Plates SA aims to be South Australia’s trusted partner when it comes to Numeric and Grand Prix plates. Our professional credibility, passion and reputation is supported with over 30 years of experience in facilitating transactions of numeric plates.

We are here as an established player providing healthy competition to what has been a traditionally monopolised market in South Australia, and bringing market stability and successful outcomes to all involved. We are acting as a full professional service agency between buyer and seller.

You can be confidently assured that the process comprises a fully transparent service from beginning to the end for both buyers and sellers, showcasing our honesty and integrity every step of the way and with client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

Numeric Plates SA specialises in auctions for Numeric Plates and Grand Prix Plates in South Australia through exclusive live auction events and online auctions.

We have strong buyer demand from investors seeking investment-grade Numeric and Grand Prix Plates in any combination.

Furthermore, if an off-market transaction is preferred, please contact us for a confidential chat.

Funds are transferred promptly and without delay upon receipt of payment from the buyer.

Buyers premium of 7% plus GST on the purchase price.

As an introductory offer, the sellers fee has been waived when listed in our May 2024 auction – the seller receives 100% of the sale price.